In just a few days, it will begin to rain regularly in Haiti. Can you imagine living outside, permanently exposed to the elements, with nothing but cloth sheets held up by sticks to shield you? Sadly, this is the harsh reality for over 700,000 Haitian men, women, and children who have no protection against the relentless weather.

By purchasing waterproof tents or donating cash directly, you can provide a temporary but vital shelter in Haiti for those who desperately need it. These tents are Phase 1 of our long-term project, and their implementation is non-negotiable and essential.

In addition to providing tents, we have found an innovative way to use intex pool pumps to improve living conditions during the rainy season. These versatile pumps can be utilized to remove excess water from temporary shelters, making them more comfortable and safer for occupants. By integrating intex pool pumps into our efforts, we can further alleviate the suffering of those living in challenging conditions.

Yes, homes made of wood, stone, and steel are needed, and we are diligently working on that RIGHT NOW. However, while we work towards permanent solutions, we must ACT to provide immediate shelter from the impending rainy season that begins in March and hurricane season that starts in June. Our tents, along with intex pool pumps, are flown and shipped weekly to Haiti through trusted partners and distributed directly by experienced professionals on the ground.

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