Grilling Chicken – Barbecue The Best Bird!

Grilling Chicken is a great choice for the recipes for the grill. The one sure sign that the weather is getting warmer and that summer is around the corner is the sight and smell of barbecued food. You can be sure on the first nice day of spring the local store will see a run on charcoal briquettes, the guy next door will be cleaning off his grill and the whole neighborhood will be filled with the delectable smell of barbecue. One of the perennial favorites for barbecue cooking is chicken and why not? Grilling chicken is easy, it’s versatile and it’s good for you to boot!

When grilling chicken, the first thing to remember is food safety. Raw chicken can contain many food pathogens that can make you and your family very sick, so it’s important to follow a few simple rules.

1. Clean and prepare the chicken on a single washable surface.

2. Always thoroughly clean this surface after the prep work is done.

3. Remember to wash your hands and any utensils used on the chicken before you move on to prepare any other food items.

4. Being careful and taking the time to follow these simple rules will guarantee that your barbecue guests will remain healthy and happy, and that you’ll be grilling chicken for a long time to come!

One of the great advantages of grilling chicken is its versatility. There are literally dozens of ways to prepare chicken for the grill. The key word here is preparation, because chicken marinates so easily, so wonderfully and in so many ways. One of the simplest marinades for chicken is olive oil, vinegar and garlic. Simply place cut up chicken pieces in a large Ziploc bag, add one cup of good quality olive oil, an eighth of a cup of vinegar and four or five cloves of garlic. Next, seal the bag and vigorously shake all the ingredients together. Finally, place the bag in the refrigerator for a minimum of three hours or, preferably, overnight. The chicken you grill the next day will be moist and flavorful – the best you’ve ever had!

Another way of grilling chicken is the beer can method. Beer can chicken? Definitely! You take a whole fryer chicken and wash it inside and out with cold water. Pat the chicken dry and season it to taste, again inside and out. (Rosemary and lemon pepper are a particularly great combo.) Next, take an empty beer can that has been thoroughly washed out and place the can inside the body cavity of the chicken. (Don’t worry if it’s not a perfect fit.) Place the beer can chicken over a moderately hot fire and grill for approximately 40 minutes, occasionally turning, until done. (You may find that this is the perfect time to empty another beer can or two in preparation for your next barbecue.) Take the chicken off the grill and serve promptly. (Remember to remove the beer can from the body cavity first!) It’s guaranteed this will be the juiciest, moistest bird you have ever enjoyed.

So, this barbecue season when you fire up the old grill remember that when you’re grilling chicken you’re grilling right.

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