Outdoor Gas Grills – A Smart Choice For Outdoor Barbecue Grills

Outdoor gas grills offer everything, and can do everything, that a charcoal grill can do and more. Outdoor gas grills run on liquid propane. Liquid propane is basically regular old natural gas under pressure. The advantages of burning propane are many, but the main one is…(wait for it)…no charcoal! Yup no hassle, no mess, no waiting and no ashy clean up. Outdoor gas grills are ready to cook when you are. All you do is turn on the gas, hit the ignition button and voila! You’re ready to get grilling. Why? Because liquid propane is a very efficient heat producer, much more so than mean, old charcoal. Outdoor gas grills are at grilling temperature about five minutes after you light them. Uber-convenient, no? Also outdoor gas grills come with at least two burner controls. This means you can easily turn the heat up on one side of the grill while keeping a more even heat on the other side. Try doing that on a charcoal grill without an asbestos glove. Oh and did I mention, no ash?

The first thing to decide is charcoal or no charcoal. The charcoal grill has many advocates and its list of defenders is long. However a charcoal grill has one major problem – charcoal. (Oh, and lighter fluid and while we’re at it where did I put those matches?) The problem with charcoal grills is that they need charcoal to work. Charcoal that is heavy. Charcoal that is messy. Charcoal that you never have enough of just when you’re ready to grill. (Not to mention lighter fluid and matches…again.) Even if you do have enough of everything you need to get the fire going, you still have to wait for the coals to get hot, you have to move the coals around if you’re cooking more than one thing at a time and after you’re done what have you got? A grill full of ashes. Yeah, yeah I know that incinerating lighter fluid is one of the smells that brings back childhood memories, but how many things does a responsible adult buy based solely on smell? No charcoal. Let’s move on.

Brahma Angus
Burner Cast Stainless
Cast Stainless
Burner Warranty Lifetime Lifetime
# of Burners 5 4
Grilling Surface BTU’s 75,000 60,000
Main Grilling Area 760 sq. in. 600 sq. in.
Rear Infrared Burner / Rotisserie Yes Yes
Intergrated Double
Side Burner
No No
Internal Lights Yes Yes

Finally, outdoor gas grills are really, really efficient. A tank of liquid propane will last the average outdoor chef an entire summer. Even the most maniacal flame junkie won’t run out for 4 to 6 weeks. Plus, propane is environmentally friendly. You are reusing and recycling the propane tank every time you get a refill, you’re saving trees (charcoal is made of compressed sawdust, sawdust is made of wood, wood comes from…you see where I’m going) and propane gives off way less carbon dioxide than charcoal. All the bunnies in the world will thank you!

See! Wasn’t that easy? Deciding to grill on outdoor gas grills really is a no-brainer.

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